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Vintage Lamp Aroma Diffuser

Vintage Lamp Aroma Diffuser

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Are you worried about the stress of an unpleasant room smell?


3-in-1 Humidifier, Aromatherapy Diffuser

Colorful retro Night lamp: This product is not only a humidifier but also a powerful design artwork. The shape of the essential oil diffuser is similar to that of a timing lamp and kerosene lamp. This product can moisten the air and create a warm atmosphere. It is also a great retro concept decoration in the living room, study, bedroom, car, and tent.


Ultra Silent Aromatherapy Humidifier

Use ultrasonic electric vibration to refine water particles and drip water-soluble essential oil. Nano water particles and essential oil directly penetrate into the muscles at the bottom of the skin to moisturize and improve dry skin. This humidifier can bring you an excellent aromatherapy humidification experience. The latest noise reduction technology ensures silence even when sleeping. Safe use, even for families and pets with the elderly and children



USB charging allows you to charge from mobile batteries, PCs, and other devices. The built-in 1200 MAH lithium battery is easy to carry. It can be humidified wirelessly. The atmosphere breathing lamp and candle lamp are controlled separately. The colorful atmosphere lamp changes or turns off with the breathing rhythm, and the candle lamp can be adjusted infinitely to adapt to your mood


Product Information

Classification: Humidification

Function: Aromatherapy


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Simone Lowe

Very nice humidifier. Works almost quietly. Very pleasant illumination, but the light itself wanted a little brighter.

Jeramie Collins

Great air neutralizer. I love how it cleans the air and makes it feel good.

Reymundo Koch

I love the size of this device as well as the fact that's it's USB-C rechargeable and doesn't need to be plugged in while running. The instructions say not to use essential oil, but I used 3 drops of eucalyptus oil to great effect. It provides a lovely mist that keeps moisture in the air, which is especially dry during the winter months with the heat running indoors almost constantly. It's a cute size and fits nicely on my living room side table. I love the vintage light and how I set the desired brightness. I would purchase this again and think it would make a lovely gift.

Harrison Wiza

It is awesome. I gave it to my mother in law as a Christmas present and she Loves it!💗

Brendan Witting

I Love this little lamp! So easy to put together and it is So Pretty. I highly recommend it! ❤️