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Creative Vase Humidifier Wood Grain Usb Colorful Lamp Office Air Humidifier Ball Marquee Essential Oil Diffuse Aroma Diffuser

Creative Vase Humidifier Wood Grain Usb Colorful Lamp Office Air Humidifier Ball Marquee Essential Oil Diffuse Aroma Diffuser

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Stick Length: 10cm

Stick Diameter: 3mm

Origin: Mainland China

Feature9: humidifier for bedroom

Feature8: humidifier ultrasonic

Feature7: Wood Grain

Feature6: Aroma Diffuser

Feature5: home air freshener

Feature4: Electric Air Humidifier

Feature3: Cool Mist Sprayer

Feature2: Room fragrance

Feature10: humidifier plant

Feature1: Fragrance diffuser

Feature: essential oil diffuser

Note: Do not inject too much water, otherwise it will overflow

Reminder: If the humidifier does not produce fog, sprays water droplets, and the fog is relatively small:


1.Make sure that the water source installed is pure water (tap water and distilled water cannot be used for humidification)


2. The whole cotton swab needs to be soaked before use (note: the whole cotton swab is soaked, not only half of it)


If the fog is small, it may be that the cotton swab is in poor contact
with the atomizing sheet. You can take the cotton swab out and put it
back in. Remember to keep the cotton swab in good contact with the
atomizing sheet (Note: There is a small The spring cannot be lost,
otherwise it will cause the cotton swab to not be in contact with the


Cotton swab humidifiers cannot be oiled with essential oils(Appropriate
amount of essential oil). For a long time, oily molecules will block
the holes of the atomizing sheet, resulting in no fog or small fog,
which is mistaken for product quality problems.


1. Antibacterial water tank, inhibit the growth of bacteria in the
water tank, no need to add bactericide, humidification is more assured.

2. Quiet operation, work and sleep are not disturbed at all.
Different essential oils can be added, accompanied by a fine mist to
fill the air with fragrance. The colorful lights can be cycled in the
power-on state.

3. ABS material, environmentally friendly and odorless, safe to use by pregnant women and babies.

Name: Vase wood grain humidifier
Voltage: DC5V
Water capacity: 130mAh
Atomization volume: 95*95*150cm
Operation mode: plug and play

Note: Pure manual measurement, there is a slight error in the size, please refer to the actual product.

Package Include:
1×Usb cable

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